About me

Hi, I’m Dijana Muminovic. I was born in Zenica, Bosnia&Herzegovina. After the war in BH, I moved to Bowling Green, Ky., where I graduated from Western Kentucky University with BA in photojournalism. In 2014, I received MA in visual communication from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. My website is currently being redesigned, but this blog is my electronic diary that I stared in 2010 when I revisited Bosnia. I simply decided to show you some beautiful sights, my personal stories, people I meet, and moments that embellish my life. I hope you’ll enjoy. And thank you for visiting.

  1. eni odobasic says:

    bo’me, dobro te krenulo.

  2. Florencia Bertoletti says:

    Cuñada, I had no words to tell you how proud I am of you! Please keep going and being just like you are! You are an example for many! and most important, for me! I love you, and I wish one day I could tell you all this face to face! Take care and don´t stop! You are an insipiration!

  3. urbanadis says:

    LIJEPO !
    Super fotke !

  4. Hi Dijana,
    I was surfing the web looking for information about Visegrad and I arrived to your site and to your blog…
    Congratulations for what you are doing and for your pictures, you’re really doing a great job…

    I’ve been in Bosnia and it’s a place that I really really love, please keep on documenting what’s going on there, and what’s happening in the Bosnian community in US.



  5. Srebrenica Genocide Editor says:

    Dear Dijana, thank you for raising awareness about the Bosnian Genocide. I linked to your web site on my blog: http://srebrenica-genocide.blogspot.com/2010/11/dijana-muminovic-photography-searching.html

  6. jedan od kopaca says:

    Dijana svaka cast na svemu sto radis, zelim ti jos vise uspijeha dalje i samo tako nastavi!!!

  7. Fern Baum says:

    I am amazed that I found your site. Great photos and I am really moved! I live in Los Angeles and have followed the events in the former Yugoslavia since 1991. Watching the events unfold in 1992, I became totally absorbed and obsessed with the region and I have been watching ever since. My dream is to go to Sarajevo and travel all through Bosnia and I am still reading whatever I can follow every day with Radio b92 as most Bosnian media is not in English. I am appalled that Angelie Jolie has decided to make her movie now. As far as I am concerned there is nothing cinematic about the rape camps in Foca and the concentration camps in Northern Bosnia like Omarska. It is sickening and I am shocked that she would make a movie about such a subject without the support of the actual women that had to go through that hell. I believe most of the monsters responsible have now been indicted except of course for Mladic and I guess he will never pay for his crimes. This movie should have been made 15 years ago but even then no one seemed to care even while the eye witness accounts were coming out. I am excited to read your site and will be reading it and following it now that I have found it. Thank you.

    • dijanablog says:

      Thank you so much for visiting, I just realized I never wrote you back. But glad to hear what you have to say about my country. It always makes me happy when someone that’s not from here shows appreciation. I wish you’d make it to Sarajevo, you’d love it, and almost everyone speaks English here, I was actually very surprised. Thanks again, ciao


  8. Edo says:

    Svaka ti cast z photojournalist i sve. Samo unaprijed gledaj i budi happy 🙂 Ti imas veliko srce i simpaticna! 🙂 pozdrav iz ny.

  9. dijanablog says:

    Edo, hvala puno!!

  10. donya says:

    my name is Donya
    i am international law student in Iran i research about rape to bosnian woman i want to understand that what women s damage Bosnian to pursues this vita in international
    criminal court beacause i want to write a monograph about rape to bosnian women and i need more details about this subject . i want to contact to bakira hasecic .can you give me her email?can you help me? can you give me more information this subject. my email is d _mostaghimi @yahoo.com

  11. mhodges says:

    Enjoyed your blog/photos as well as the wonderful photos on your other site. It brought back many memories from the time I spent in Sarajevo in ’97 and’98 doing volunteer work. You can see some of my photos from that time here, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mhodges/sets/72057594051472182/

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. serpentus says:

    I have always wanted to see Bosnia in pictures! Thank you so very much.

  13. serpentus says:

    Your blog is the best! Keep it up.

    But I have to ask, if Americans are interested in traveling to see Bosnia, how are they treated there? Learning about the Bosnian War, I am sort of nervous about traveling since people might not like Americans since they didn’t do anything to stop the Serbs until after 3 years and ended up giving Serbs a Republika Srpska. And the Serbs keep blaming America and the West for committing a genocide against Serbs with NATO. I’ve read of British tourists actually killed in Serbia! I’m not joking. I hope people treat tourists better in Bosnia.

    • dijanablog says:

      Dear Seroentus,

      Thanks so much for writing. I can see why you’d be concerned. I was hoping such thoughts about Bosnia were long gone among the people in other countries. As you see in my pictures, it is pretty normal here.

      It is safe; if you come to Sarajevo you’ll see how diverse the city is and how friendly and lovely people are. Almost everyone speaks English. Now, nobody will blame a tourist for the actions that happened to our country. The only thing I’d suggest while here, is never to leave your things unattended, but this is not just for Bosnia, it’s for everywhere.

      This May a group of Americans are coming for a workshop in my hometown Zenica, and everyone in the city is excited and is willing to help out. Also, every year in Zenica, American students come to teach English. So, yes, they are very well accepted and treated good. 🙂

      Where are you from?

  14. serpentus says:

    Thanks Dijana!

    “Almost everyone speaks English.”

    Wow, Bosnians must be smart. Americans, on the other hand, can barely speak English, let alone Spanish.

    Even though I live in the U.S., I’m actually half-European half-Asian, so I’m more aware about world issues than the average American and am multilingual. I like visiting blogs like yours. It helps me learn more about the country.

  15. Majed says:

    hi Dijana
    alslamo alukum

    thanks for this blog .

  16. Daniel Dennison CRT says:

    Dijanna….I always enjoy your thoughts and the take you have on life through your lens and your eyes. How far you have come from the photo lab at Walmart. Of those days, my fondest memories are of you. Please continue your mission of telling the tale and plight of all the people. Know you are loved and missed in Bowling Green.

    Always…..your friend, admirer, and past co-worker at the Wally.

    Love ya, Chick

    Dan from Photo (now Respiratory Therapist)

    • dijanablog says:

      Dannnn, oh how I’ve missed you. I wondered how I could get in touch with you again. Thank you, thank you, you absolutely made my day! Love you back. 🙂

      • Dan says:

        Hey Dijanna….Thanks for the response….You’ve made my day as well. Just in from work at Apria Healthcare as a Registered Respiratory Therapist where I help the people in my own way….lot of people live better because of my caring and I, in turn, am better for helping them. Take care and be safe. Happy thoughts and good wishes to you and yours.

        Love ya!! Be happy!!


      • dijanablog says:

        Dannnn, so you’ll laugh now. But every time I listen to Shakira I think of you. Whenever the Hips Don’t lie came out, you made a comment and it just kinda stayed with me. Wellll, guess what I’m listening to all morning, the Rabiosa song with her and Pit Bull ha ha. Anyway, I just wanted to say that. How are you? And you know, believe it or not, I was so amazed that you finished your degree and that you actually do your job now, AND help people. I was just at the crazy bosnian hospital the other day, i took my grandma and the staff made me push the bed. they said it was my job to do it,(what the heck?) and that, in all honesty, made me think:”why didn’t i do something in this field…” but, then again, i love what i do now, so hopefully something is gonna come out of it…

        love you Dan, and see you soon.

  17. zlat says:

    Hi Diana,

    What a beautifully poetic blog with amazing photos! You are doing priceless work with your project so…Keep it up!!! Svaka cast!

    A fellow Zenica “war child”…


  18. Kerim Bajramovic says:

    Cao Dijana,

    Zelim da ti kazem da su ti slike predivne, pune topline i zivota. Nisam profesijonalni fotografer mada to uzivam, onako, amaterski. Kao sto vidim prosla si kroz moje rodno mjesto, Nova Kasaba, i uspjela si napraviti par snimaka. Vidi se da imas stila i talenta.

    Tek toliko, sve najbolje u zivotu i puno srece u tvojoj karijeri…

    Pozdrav iz Bostona,


    • dijanablog says:

      Dragi Kerime, tek sam sad vidjela da nikada nisam odgovorila na tvoj komentar. Hvala puno i sve najljepste! I da, bilo je lijepo u Novoj Kasabi. Pozz!

  19. dijana says:


    This blog is great. Amazing work! Where can I find your photos about women who survived genocide in Bosnia? Even though I’m not a photojournalist by profession but architect, I’ve always appreciated photojournalism and have been doing projects on my own. I’m planning to visit Bosnia in 2012 to do a photo essay and would love to get in touch with you.

    • dijanablog says:

      Dijana, amazing work yourself! I’m in the process of rebuilding my website dijanaphoto.com. That’s where all of my work should be, but I’ll let you know when I’m done for sure, and I would love to meet you when you come to Bosnia!!

  20. Adel Emir Muslimovic says:

    Dober dan 🙂
    Hi im a bosnian-french photojournalist and im a big fan of your work 🙂
    I think its really nice to show how much people still affected by the genocide and still suffer from it .
    Anyway i wich you good luck and i hope you will continue to help our people cause some of them really needs it :(.

  21. Samir Halkic says:

    Amazing work with photos !!!

  22. adisa says:

    Sviđa mi se blog 🙂

  23. norman smith says:

    all the way from South Africa.hi i am Norman smith , JUST wanted to say love the work you have done . i just cant believe such terable things has happened in my life time and still is in some places of the world . please if you are of need of anything i can help with . please mail me back . keep it up ..

  24. mushtaqtariq says:

    It is good to know that brave Bosnian people did not lose their heart and continuted to work hard to make a place for themselves in modern world … you are an example… also welcome to my blog. http://mushtaqtariq.wordpress.com

  25. Christopher Leonard says:

    Wow. you are so much more interesting than I previously thought.

  26. Dijana, I must admit, it’s difficult to find genuine people on the internet who write personalized articles on Bosnia. It’s a very underrated country, but only natives know it’s true beauty.
    I need some first hand information from you regarding Bosnia, which will be added to this article with due credits to you: https://www.holidayme.com/explore/bosnia-tourism/

    How can I get in touch with you?

  27. mmi says:

    svaka cast na radu to se zove umjetnost i znanje ljubav

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