Dad’s Citizenship

Posted: 12/07/2016 in Uncategorized

Today, I was making copies of this document at Staples in order to apply for my Dad’s passport. See, I’m the one in red, the really mad looking one. The attempt to go to Australia in 1995 failed because I didn’t want to leave my Grandma. So in 1997, when this picture was taken, as you see, everyone had theirs at the same time, with the same background. But I, I got mine when they finished all the paperwork, and then just took me one day to have my ‘passport picture’ taken. It was in fact a photo for the admission into the US. My world crashed. And I was mad.


So back at Staples where I made copies and even some photos, the nice guy said: “You don’t owe me anything. You have been really patient!” You must be kidding…I said. I mean, it did cross my mind how he printed some on the more expensive paper, but I wasn’t going to give him a hard I just waited for the rest of my papers. Then it also made me think that not speaking up people often take advantage of it. But then he proved me wrong! And I was one happy kid! This guy rules! Thank you.

And as you see, things have slightly changed. The roles have reversed: I was the one doing the paperwork, I took a photo of Dad for his passport. And then, I made him go and take his citizenship test, just like him and Mom made me take my photo. And ‘What would have happened if we never came here?’, still crosses my mind. Many things have changed since…but I’m not mad..And I am still the one in red, purposely, and certainly proud and happy. And who wouldn’t be? Dad got his citizenship, and I got free copies to apply for his passport. 😉

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