Baby showers and reunions

Posted: 06/29/2016 in Uncategorized

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I’ve been in Bowling Green several months now, and every time my Dad asks where I’m going, the answer is either: a baby shower or a baby birthday.

I saw many dear friends from high school that I deeply love and I was invited to their parties and showers. I attended first birthday of Megan’s son. I saw Crystal, and mistakenly went to see her on a date that was not on the invitation, but it happened to be the real birth date of her boy. This is the only friend I know who still visits my Mom’s grave and even though I haven’t seen Crystal in years, I can’t describe how much she means!

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Then my Senka had her baby shower, and she was soo beautiful! And most recently my Zuzi over in New York invited me to her baby shower.

But when I walked to see my high school best friend Veca that I haven’t seen in years, we started crying. “I am pregnant..and these hormones make me cry..” she says. “And I am not pregnant and I am still crying,” I told her. It felt so good to see her and her family. But even greater news came just few days after the shower. Veca sent me a photo of herself, her mom and dad, and her brother! Her brother was released from years in jail (for an accident caused while he was driving under the influence..) and it has been a long road since. What this family endured, I can’t even begin to describe, but this was the beginning of their happiness. Not long after that, Veca had her boy Luca.

Happy life friends.

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