Posted: 06/23/2016 in Uncategorized

Do you know my story about the man in his orange turban?

Ten years ago, I was in my second year of photo classes, still a very shy photojournalist. Then one day in Seattle I changed that when I visited my older sister Olga, (family friend) whom I share the same birth date, also a lover of photography. We hopped in a cab, and the man who drove us around was so kind and had an orange turban on his head. An orange turban! It was my first time to see one. You can tell I haven’t been outside of Bowling Green much. But he dropped us off, drove off, and I thought how I was never going to see him again. And I did not even take his portrait!


And I used to have this thing where I memorize license plate numbers, or numbers in general. It’s not that I repeat to remember; I look, and numbers simply get stuck with me. It all began in Zenica when bus ZE-111-47 drove by me. It continued when we moved to Bowling Green and some person hit my car while I was still in it. She drove off! Only before she did, I had memorized the numbers. It was so unfair what she did that I called my lawyer the next day and hoped the numbers were correct. He found the person all the way in Louisville and asked that I come work for him.

Instead, I directed my memory skills in photo world, especially when it comes to captions. But in recent years, I did, however, decide to make a deal with my brain not to remember everything I hear/see, and before I did that, I had to do one more thing:

Run to the nearest coffee shop, and ask for a phone book to call a taxi driver! “Girl, you know how many cab drivers are in Seattle, and cab companies, and numbers they go by?” Yes I know: 261..185. “Sir, there’s a girl that you just dropped off, wanted to see if you can come back in front the Adobe building, she wants to take a picture of you?” Fifteen minutes later, I took what I thought was the best portrait at the time of this kind man. ☺

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