The House, painted!

Posted: 06/24/2012 in Uncategorized

Somehow everything looks better with the yellow! My bestie Lejla who helped the most, brought the flowers, and I’m really enjoying the light in my place now. The girls helped clean everything and we took out the stuff I don’t need. Some helped with the sandwiches 😉 while we painted, and my favorite quote out of frustrated came from Lejla:”I wish no men would show up until we finish, just to show them that we can do it all by ourselves!” Then Ben showed up and thanks to him, we managed to bring it all where we wanted it. The next two weeks I spent working with Ben on a project at the daily center Pomirenje in Zenica.

We photographed Nedim’s wedding in Sarajevo, and climbed a bit in Saraj, saw fashiony girls in downtown and then returned to Zenica. I feel I haven’t showen Ben enough or as much as I wanted to. I took him to the mountain, then to Travnik and the beautiful mountain there. And Bosnia sure looks like New Hampshire-which is where Ben’s from.

He left two days ago, and just when I wanted to take out the card from my camera, I found 50 Bosnian marks inside the slot. I forget how great and kind this man is. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed Bosnia and all the chevapi.

  1. Cynthia Fernandez says:

    Cevapi is the best food for the body and soul! We miss it a lot …

  2. Cynthia Fernandez says:

    Everytime I read your posts I think how amazing it is the fact that we can find our real place in this world so far away from home … My place in this world is, definitly, in Zenica. If I close my eyes I can feel the smell, hear the voices, feel the tastes … I miss those days, when my love and I were going out, early in the morning to take a walk. Seeing the city waking up, looking at the sun iluminating the buidings and greeting all of us. Having fresh burek and coffee in those nice places, watching nice people passing by … Oh, Djiana, you have no idea how I would like to be there right now, enjoying this nice weather! It’s so fu… cold here in Brazil now! And congratulations for your house! I sincerely wish you are gonna be happy in your new place. And thanks for this blog, that is a way to me to be close to the place where my soul belongs …

    • dijanablog says:

      Dear Cynthia, so nice to see that you always look at the blog. Thanks and sending you warmest wishes from Zenica. Oh it’s soo hot…We must meet when you come here!

      • Cynthia Fernandez says:

        Oh Dijana, that would be wonderful! We’re freezing here … Be sure, as soon as I have a chance to go to Bosnia, we’ll meet each other. If you have time, I’ll be happy to have a coffe with you and to take a walk on these Bosnian streets, wich I love so much! There is a place I really love: Bingo! I could spend hours checking that store and its always good excuse to taste that pizza and to have that coffee with cream. Thanks for your atention, Djiana.
        Hvala ti puno, draga. Pusa,

  3. […] I was cleaning and painting. Well, when he arrived to Zenica, he literally set his bags down, and finished my little house. So few weeks ago while waiting for my dear Slovakian friend Zuzi, who surprised me […]

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